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Unique and relaxed: generation Z was born connected to Wi-Fi



Born in the internet age, Generation Z came to change consumption habits and make brands rethink how they communicate. Now entering adulthood, this generation has never known the world without being connected to Wi-Fi. Therefore, the effortlessness with which they face technology and digital is intrinsic and very different from previous generations. Are the brands prepared to make the intergenerational leap?

The brands are currently very focused on the Millennial generation. They adopted communication strategies focused on an immediate and impatient consumption of this multi-connected and self-centred generation. It is now imperative to understand what distinguishes the new generation of consumers and how brands can excel in the midst of borderless consumer habits.


If we could define Generation Z in one word, UNIQUE is the one that best reflects their way of being. They are oriented towards success, social issues and give importance to the creation of value. They want real brands and, above all, distinctive and authentic. They believe that equality is not negotiable and make a point of distinguishing themselves. It is precisely at this point that brands can act as a differentiating factor and create a close relationship with these consumers.

They use a very specific language based on digital (an example of this is the increasing predominance and diversity of emojis) to exercise critical freedom in a relaxed and informal way. And even humorous. They understand technology and adapt to new realities very easily. However, high speed of response and impatience are also elements to be considered.

These irreverent characteristics, dissimilar to Millennials, made brands think and rethink, in recent years, that position of Gen Z as new consumers.

Think about the product, reflect on its value, and define its positioning. Only with a well-defined target can you find the best strategy for communicating. X, Y or Z? Brands will have to learn to live with everyone!

Teresa Juncal Pires, Comunication Director