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Healthy employees: Everyone’s job!

Healthy employees have a better mental health. The demands on the work environment have increased exponentially and mental health of employees has deteriorated. Today professionals are required to be connected 24 hours a day. Constantly alert to customer needs and an immediate response is required. It is not uncommon for suicides to occur due to excessive workload, just look at Japanese work culture.

It is true that the effects of poor mental health negatively impact a worker’s performance. Tiredness reduces productivity, and the unwillingness to innovate has negative effects on the ability of companies to keep up with the market. Compliance and irritability affect other employees. However, solving this problem is almost left to the total responsibility of the worker.

It is necessary to make companies aware that a healthy work environment will help long-term results. Promote a good balance between work and family and ensure rest times. Sensitizing management to accept that making mistakes is human and promoting a good relationship with employees through internal communication dynamics is essential. Just as it is essential that employees strive to ensure a good team spirit.

Healthy employees, with a good disposition and willingness to work are the key to the success of a company. Healthy employees: Everyone’s job!

Colaboradores saudáveis ajuda na saúde mental destes.