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Uncode the way you communicate


On June 15th, Alexandre Monteiro, master in Deciphering People©, will challenge you to decipher the way he communicates. The lecture is part of the celebrations of our 10th Anniversary and will be held at TECMAIA – Maia Science and Technology Park, at 11 a.m.

Registrations can be made through email ( or telephone (220 963 285). The cost of participation is 100€ for the general public and 50€ for students (20€ students/ groups of 10 or more elements). Para os Essencial Friends registration is free.


When you are in a meeting, do you usually wrap your legs in the chair? When you are talking to a customer and you see him frown, do you know what that means? When the customer touches their eyes or nose, is it a sign that they are agreeing or disagreeing? At meetings, how far away do you put your client’s feet? When you greet the customer, do you grab their arm, squeeze their hand gently or vigorously? In what position do you put your hands when you are speaking? Do you usually intertwine your fingers? Do your gestures reveal leadership or submission? Do you sit facing the door? What does your handshake say? When the customer answers with questions, is it just a warning sign or are you going to lose the deal?

You probably never thought about these issues. However, the posture, gestures, movements, and facial expressions we use on a daily basis reveal our thoughts, feelings and emotions.


Alexandre Monteiro is an international speaker. Best seller author (The Secrets Our Body Reveals), television commentator and celebrity, high competition athletes, negotiators, leaders, and politicians coach. Considered one of the best in the world, he aims to prepare leaders, executives, politicians, highly competitive athletes, commercial teams, and public figures to read, interpret and influence people, optimize behaviours and strategies. Thus, he intends to guarantee better results in both personal and professional life.

Decipher how you communicate. He has done it for over a decade and learned how to decipher the way people communicate with the world’s greatest experts. These include body language experts for therapists and psychologists, including former FBI and CIA agents, spies, neuroscientists, and human behaviour researchers.

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