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The influencers


The new digital influencers have numerous reasons that make us think that these, or the digital opinion makers, are the present and the future of digital marketing. Bloggers, youtubers or instagramers are in fact a good alternative for brands. They are ordinary people, not public figures, who have become experts in specific areas.

These virtual stars are engagement professionals that allow to increase visibility, credibility and boost the growth of the brand. They have the capacity to foster a close relationship with their fans, followers who tend to be easily influenced.


Aware of the need to use the most diverse strategies to reach their audiences, brands bet heavily on influencers. In addition to reducing costs and increasing credibility, they also help to increase SEO (Search Engine Optimization), which makes the site friendlier to search engines. It works the keywords so that it is better positioned in the organic results.

It is therefore essential that in the communication agencies there is a good database with the famous names of the web and, above all, with the identification of the profile of the public with which they relate to. It is of utmost importance to assess the followers when negotiating any partnership with these experts who know how to ‘engage’ their audience.

The new digital influencers.