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Social innovation, a strategic bet


We believe that social innovation, as a strategic investment is a fundamental engine for improving responses to social problems. In terms of the dynamics and sustainability of the social economy, and in terms of innovation in public policies.

Social innovation is the result of motivation and action of people who want to contribute actively to solving serious social problems. As such, connection to communities and networking are essential.

Mostly complex, these social problems require concerted action from different contexts and sectors. As an example, we have the social, business, public and academic sectors – which contribute to a true ecosystem for the promotion of social innovation. This is geared towards creating value and having a positive impact on society.


IRIS, Regional Incubator for Social Innovation, assumes a fundamental role in this context. Its mission is to create the ideal ecosystem for the development of social impact initiatives that promote the growth of the community. It is an incubator for capturing ideas and projects, supporting the creation, development and acceleration of innovation and social entrepreneurship initiatives.

IRIS believes that social innovation, a strategic bet, is fundamental to boost a strong global economy and a better world.

By integrating this project, our goal is to help create new and more effective solutions to the social and environmental problems we face in today’s world. These innovative solutions are simultaneously systemic since they aim at the origins of the problem and not only its consequences – and sustainable – must be designed in order to create a positive impact on an ongoing basis.

We want to contribute to the development of innovative projects for the different problems of society, with a superior positive impact to the existing solutions.


Social entrepreneurship takes on a relevant role here. There are countless high-potential projects that need an ecosystem of support and financing to create an impact. Noteworthy are national and internationally recognized innovation and social entrepreneurship initiatives such as ‘Collor Add’, ‘Speak’ or ‘Patient Innovation’.

The participation, in February, in the Bootcamp on Social Entrepreneurship IES-SBS: Start Innovation – Training for IRIS Ambassadors leads us to believe that we have the energy and talent to assume the role of social entrepreneur. To be able to transform the world with sustainable and innovative solutions. It took 48 hours of knowledge, new learning, new tools, networking and, above all, sharing experiences.

The challenge, now as IRIS AMBASSADORS, is to assume the role of local agent who works with the aim of developing community participation in the region. Encouraging the members of our community to develop alternatives to current solutions to social and environmental problems. It is intended to seek in this way, to enhance a process of transformation of our community through social innovation.

We will establish bridges between the Autarchies and Community Agents and IRIS with a view to developing activities to promote social innovation, designed and defined taking into account the specificities of the region, with its support.

Olga Cruz, Comunication Director