Let’s discover Melgaço

Melgaço Alvarinho Trail

On May 26, we will discover Melgaço by running with nature on the Melgaço Alvarinho Trail. The landscapes and the Alvarinho will be our inspiration – essential to complete the test. And your inspiration too!

Hike, short trail, long trail or ultra-trail – join us! It will be a very special day full of flavours for Essential Friends.

Registrations for the ‘Let’s discover Melgaço’ are limited and can be made through the email indicating the first and last name, dorsal name, date of birth, identity card number, telephone, address, location and T-shirt size.

This year, we will celebrate 10 years, so there could be no better way to mark it than celebrating it all year round with Essential Friends and this is one of the surprises we have prepared. There are 10 events, one per month, which will culminate with a surprise in November 2019.

Follow everything in the Essência Completa 10th anniversary event!

Este ano, celebraremos 10 anos, pelo que não podia haver melhor forma de o assinalar do que comemorando ao longo de todo o ano com os Essential Friends e esta é uma das surpresas que preparamos.