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Public Relations replace advertising

Could your brand / product get out of the two-dimensional advertising barrier? What about the appeal to the senses? The smell? The touch? The sound? Is advertising the appropriate communication tool for today’s society? Won’t the investment and resources it requires be exaggerated in the face of the less effective return of this tool?

85% of the time our brain is on autopilot, only receptive to emotions. What is the communication tool that allows us to effectively communicate with the brains of our audiences in an effective way? John Wanamaker for over a hundred years said: “Half of my advertising budget is waste. I just don’t know what half!”. Today this percentage is certainly higher. Most brands do not know what to do to truly captivate their target audience.

How to give visibility to the value and thus achieve the desired sales, the notoriety and credibility for the brand? Advertising is based on good saying and public relations on good doing! Advertising runs out of content when it convinces the audience, while the public relations considers this conviction as a commitment that requires us to adapt our conduct to what has been stated.

Emotions have a huge influence on all decisions. Much of what goes on in the brain is related to emotions and not to cognitive aspects and public relations are much more effective and represent a much smaller investment than advertising. Public Relations are loyal. We communicate with more emotion through the tools of Public Relations. Pay attention to Abercrombie Communication.

Isabel Martins, General Director