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A brand only wins when it works for a group


Isabel Martins, General Director of Essência Completa – Marketing, Communication and Media was recognized, for the second consecutive year, for her leadership and team management skills in the Best Team Leader (BTL) ranking.

The study, promoted by Tema Central, in partnership with Qmetrics and with the institutional support of the Portuguese Association of People Management and the National Observatory of Human Resources, aims to recognize those who lead teams in their work, assessing their skills and personality characteristics. The followers speak about their leaders better than anyone else.


For Isabel Martins, “the prize is based on good management practices and as such adds knowledge and value in this area, naturally influencing the way we position ourselves and perform our functions. It leads to a greater awareness of the way we act with others, which translates into an even more attentive and always responsible leadership.

“Leading often means the courage to make the best decisions for the group at the expense of individualistic positions.” This leader believes that the achievements are made of “more productive days and fewer productive days, but above all, they are made of days when we learn from whom we can always count on”. Adding, “not every day is easy, but in the most difficult there is always the strength that comes from the essence of everyone who accompanies us and makes us believe it is possible.”


“The team is everything! When we are able to perceive that each one is part of a whole and that the common objectives are the ones that we must privilege, we grow more … A brand can only win when it works for and in a group. We are EVEN stronger if we are together. We are STRONGER if we understand that being part of a team is a greater asset …

A privilege when we meet people who, managing their Egos, their Ambitions and their personalities come together in the name of the growth of a brand, realizing with intelligence that in this way they grow and evolve ”reinforces the General Director of Essência Completa.


Isabel Martins is flattered to represent the communication sector, still forgotten by many entrepreneurs, in a prestigious ranking like BTL. The “contempt” that still exists for Communication professionals is one of the biggest challenges in the area it represents.

“This is an unrecognized discipline. There is still the perception that it can be developed by amateurs “regrets”. To conclude, when we are able to demonstrate to clients that Communication is done by professionals, it is proof that our work was successful”.