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A hundred thousand euros invested in social responsability


Since its foundation in 2009, Essência Completa has taken on social responsibility as a mission. Therefore, this aspect is fundamental and is a daily practice in the company. In 2018, support for these projects represented 100,000€ and will continue to be one of the pillars of the company’s action.

Through social responsibility projects, companies provide opportunities to reduce existing social problems. National or local, Essência Completa supports projects that make an effective difference in different areas of society. Setting the stage and helping to “make it happen” is a work of dedication that gives visibility to good practices, projects and initiatives with value. Associação Salvador, Portuguese Foundation for the Community Against AIDS, Hads to Discover, Portuguese League Against Cancer, Felgueiras Voluntary Firefighters, Ajudaris, Places 4All, Ronald MacDonald Foundation, Ajudef, Lírio Azul Movement, Rotary Club of Porto, Beast international Film, Famalicenses Volunteer Firefighters and Alfena Social Platform are some of these entities.

A company will only achieve its goals if it manages to create superior value for its customers, partners and stakeholders, so social responsibility appears in today’s society as a strategy of good practices, being mandatory in a well-structured business plan. For this reason, in the Communication Plans designed by us for the company and its customers, Essência Completa does not neglect this aspect, making it an anchor of the brands it represents.

For the company’s General Director, Isabel Martins, It is the duty and obligation of companies to contribute to the community. Brands must be “good people” and social responsibility is a reflection of this dimension. The entrepreneur cannot aim only at profit. It must be able to give value to society”.