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walk, walk… but without knowing where!

Often when we are auditing to develop a communication strategy, when we ask the client what their goal is with that strategy … the answer is almost always empty in concrete and quantitative terms. What we hear the most is: “I want to sell more!” but how much more? How much did you sell this year? What is the growth expectation? “I want to increase social media engagement” But why? To increase invoicing how? Increase how much and in what direction? Who do you want to reach? And why on this social network?

The questions we ask demand clear answers from the start. Only then will it be possible to mark the success and failure of a particular communication strategy.

And only then will it be possible for the manager to actually determine what they want with the Communication. Where do you want to go and why. What metrics are there to analyse and what is the purpose of the applied tactic. Nowadays, the data is so much that it easily deceives and makes you lose focus.

With this data, we, Communication Advisors, as strategy makers, will be able to determine what the real challenge is. What is the problem that will prevent us from achieving this real, concrete and quantitative objective. We have to study and analyse all the variants to define the weak point and only after finding it will we be able to be assertive on the way! Otherwise, we are walking and walking … but not knowing where to! Audit to develop strategy.

Sofia Monteiro, Deputy Director