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The delete button of the Journalists

Any Press Advisory’s Nightmare

Currently, the advisor – journalist communication channel is full of noises, multiple distractions, confusion, and lack of time. It is true that it is up to the advisor to improve this channel, creating alternative paths and editing truly differentiating communications to stand out within the community, which is increasingly broad and heterogeneous, where it is inserted.

We are therefore faced with two realities:

That of the Advisor: who wants all of his emails, reporting proposals and interviews to be analysed carefully by the editor / journalist.

That of the Journalist: who receives thousands of emails and proposals, being obviously humanly impossible to read all communications accurately.

Therefore, everyone loses. The Journalist who surely deletes many proposals with public and innovative interest and the Advisor who does not convey the message of given initiative.

With so many technologies available to users today, this reality almost seems unreal. We all work with different and distinct objectives, but with a common essence: communicate and inform.

Sofia Monteiro, Deputy Director