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Proust’ advertising questionnaire


The Lusophone Creativity Awards have been rewarding, honouring, and debating the advertising and communication markets. It was with great pride that we saw some of our brands highlighted in the last edition.

Isabel Martins, General Director of Essência, was one of the interviewees in Proust’s Advertising Questionnaire.


1) Which communication professional in your country do you admire, but he thinks you do not like him? Vasco Ribeiro! Great Communication Advisor.

2) Which communication professional from the past do you admire the most? Everyone I admire is present … They are the ones who make things happen every day! Then there are those that we idolize for their genius and that, although being from the past, will always be present, because they are contemporary.

3) What professional colleague would you never buy a car from? I only buy cars from car dealers. They understand the “pruning”.

4) What do you value most in a subordinate? I do not recognize the word subordinate. Never had. In team management there are employees. In these, I value humility and professional honesty. The remaining skills come with practice and experience.

5) What campaign has changed your life? I have not done it yet, but I long for it…

6) What job (other than the current one) were you most happy with? In the long run working with Mestre Domingos Ferreira.

7) If you were offered any agency or producer in the world as a birthday present, which one would you choose to stay with? I would prefer to be offered the possibility of Essência having its offices anywhere in the world.

8) What is the worst drinking you got in Cannes? I never got drunk … in Cannes!

9) Have you ever been robbed of an idea? How and when? One? Several ideas have been stolen from me. Usually the CEOs to whom we present the ideas and who then insist on assuming authorship!

10) What is your biggest professional defect? Working hard.