Facebook agreed with me

Since I started using hashtags, I use them on almost every social media platform. The first hashtag used was on Orkut, then on Twitter, followed by Google+, Instagram, Facebook… today we can use it on several platforms and thus reach our audience!

I have always heard that on Instagram, hashtags work well. This does not mean that they do not work on other social media platforms.

On Instagram, there is greater demand, since we are dealing with a social media platform whose focus is images, which are often described with hashtags.

Facebook recently agreed with me, when on a post I suggested adding a hashtag so that it could reach a wider publication!

By inserting the hash sign (#) before the word, phrase, or expression, we are categorizing and organizing a certain topic. After the post, we obtain a hyperlink that takes us to a set of publications that were indexed to the subject in question. This is good for the brand, right? So why not use it on the social networks we want?

You just need to do a good search of the best ones for the brand and have common sense when selecting which hashtags to use for each theme!

Capital letters and punctuation. Yes or no?

Yes. I always do that. And if it contains more than one word, I place capital letters at the beginning of each word. It provides a better reading of the hashtag. Do you agree with me that #EscreverAssim is better than #escreverassim?

No, it does not decrease the search and reach. Of course, if applied correctly.

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#UseHashtagsWithStrategy 😊

Sara Pereira, Communication Advisor