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More than a territory: a feeling!


When you think of a territory and a phrase that speaks for itself, it must be more than a slogan, it must be a brand, a feeling. More than colours, letters and shapes, what really matters if it communicates the feelings and emotions of the local community.

More than political and communicational goals, the personality of those people it is at stake, the values ​​that guide their life. This must be the essence and the starting point for the creation of a territorial brand. The strategic objectives must be there, well defined from the beginning, but they must be designed and worked based on a study that characterizes the region’s housing and business fabric. All agents must be taken into account, in order to formulate a path that meets and respects all the standards of that community. Each person, each company, is part of a whole and it is this individuality that must also be worked on. Because they all have points that are certainly touching, common values, similar goals.

In these points of union will the key to success for a territorial brand be found. Because when a brand is successful, everyone comes together in its defence and uses it proudly. They are proud because it is theirs!

Sofia Monteiro, Deputy Director