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Accepting the error with humility


Much is said about the importance of human resources. They are in fact and without a doubt the most valuable asset of an organization. At Essência Completa I have the responsibility and the honour to lead a team of excellence. Asked if the team fails, I responded positively with gratitude, and a lot of respect for my colleagues on this essential trip. That is also why we are good professionals. We fail. The error is a characteristic of human behaviour. A good professional is distinguished by how humbly they accept the condition of being subject to error. The lack of professionalism lies in not allowing oneself to be wrong. In assuming yourself as “being enlightened” that never fails.

The good professional has the humility to accept the error as a process of growth and is able to take responsibility for it and its resolution. In the practice of my profession, I understand that making mistakes is human. The ability and wisdom to take over and find the solution is what distinguishes good professionals.

When making mistakes is inhumane.

Managing teams also requires the difficult wisdom to distinguish the partner who is relaxed, perfectly seated in his comfort zone chair, who makes errors due to intellectual dishonesty, for assuming themself as a taker, for ingratitude, for laxism, for comfort, for understanding that the path they should be walked by others. By simply delegating to others the responsibility of making you a successful professional … To make mistakes like that is inhumane. It is unfair to teams when the manager does not distinguish the nature of the error. ACCEPT THE ERROR WITH HUMILITY.

Isabel Martins, General Director

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