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The biggest Ibero-American Influence Marketing platform is Portuguese

We have already talked about influencers here. Bloggers, youtubers or instagramers who have been asserting themselves as digital opinion makers and, therefore, have become the bet of several Portuguese brands. But did you know that… “the biggest Ibero-American platform for influential marketing” is Portuguese?

The Blogs Portugal platform is a kind of “showcase for the Portuguese blogosphere” that aims to bring together brands and bloggers, founded by three young Portuguese people: Rogério Coelho, André Santos, and Luís Miranda.

Through this growth, it was possible to help solve the two biggest problems experienced by digital influencers: increasing their audience and monetizing their content. On the other hand, brands find in this platform a facilitating mean to establish commercial synergies with influencers in Portuguese and Spanish speaking countries.


André, one of the founders, says that the platform started out as “a national blog directory”, which quickly became “the largest Portuguese directory”. Since then, this platform has reached markets such as the Spanish, Mexican, Brazilian, and Chilean.

However, the growth of this platform is mainly due to the partnerships it has made. As an example, Blogs Portugal has helped the American social network Pinterest to boost the number of influencers using this social network in Latin America. In addition, the Portuguese platform is also one of the ideas selected to the Startup Voucher program, from the Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation (IAPMEI), which supports the most promising business ideas in Portugal.

But the ambition of these three young people does not stop there. The project itself, called Blogs Dashboard, is one of the 12 finalists in the business ideas contest promoted by the Intermunicipal Community of Alto Tâmega (CIMAT), and its technology is maturing, in order to facilitate its insertion in new ones.

Currently, Blogs Portugal is the “largest Ibero-American Influence Marketing platform”, with a total of 100 thousand registered users and around 950 brands and / or communication agencies working with the platform.

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