Each client represents a brand, with different needs and requirements, which is why we have a multidisciplinary team that ensures a complete service in all areas of marketing and communication. We roll up our sleeves and do not run away from any challenge. Our goal? Fulfill commitments, satisfy customers, and give each project a personal, professional touch, and the true essence that makes this company complete.

Isabel Martins


To love what you do is a blessing. To love those you do it with is an honour. To this receipt I added the excellent team with who I do what I love for people I love, each more every day, and the result is Essência. Thank you for letting me work with all of you! It is not an obligation, but an honour that it gets to be renovated every day. The best “clients” of the world!

Sofia Monteiro

Assistant Director

Combining what we like to do most with the success of our customers and the well-being of our team is our daily focus. A challenge full of achievements, joys, some ups and downs but essentially a lot of learning, commitment and delivery. Our essence is completed with the success of our customers and partners.

Olga Cruz

Communication Director, Creative Director

It is a privilege to enjoy a lot what you do. And if, with passion, we wear the jerseys of brands we identify with, it is exceptional. The essence is completed and we grow together, with the motivation that makes us record achievements every day.

Teresa Juncal Pires

Communication Director, Director of the Department of Communication and Environmental Education

I’m lucky to do what I like and to be surrounded by special people. My path in Essência has been an adventure always full of challenges and above all passion. More than colleagues and clients I found true friendships, complicity and team spirit. I like to face difficulties as challenges and overcoming myself every day is one of my ambitions.

Sara Pereira

Communication Director, Director of the Department of Digital Communication

Working at Essência is a challenge! A challenge to conquer, to overcome, to please! Here, I am able to be more and to make others more. + competent + brand + professional. Together, we make the ESSENTIAL, we promote the BRAND. YOUR BRAND! Customer success is our success!

Ricardo Martins

Assistant director

It is an honor to be part of this project, to be part of this team. It is a constant challenge of overcoming, of personal fulfillment, of wanting to do more and better, for us and for the customers. Here there is no monotony, there is joy, responsibility, ambition, trust in each one. Believe that working with these essential people makes us special. I am definitely where I want to be! We are good individually, as a team we are unsurpassed.

Inês Pereira

Junior Advisor

The adventure of being part of Essência is a stimulus that I see every day as a unique opportunity for overcoming, dedication and, above all, great learning. Combining the passion of work with the happiness of our customers is the best reward you can have. The challenge is, without a doubt, to know that we help brands to make a difference.

Inês Costa

Junior Advisor

Having the opportunity to join Essência team is to learn everyday, overcome challenges and go further. They say that liking what you do is one of the best things in life, and I couldn’t agree more! With commitment, dedication and optimism we achieve success. To be Essência is to be true partners of those who seek us.


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