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Enter the pink wave!

Enter the Pink Wave. More than just establishing dates, it is important to do more for the causes they represent. Thus, this October, the month in which the “Pink October” is celebrated all over the world, Essência Completa acceded to a help request from a breast cancer victim who needs financial support.

Protecting her identity, we will walk with her side by side and assume the charges that are possible, so that this woman’s journey is a little less painful. As soon as she knew he could count on the Essential Team, she was very happy.

Unfortunately, however, there are more people in need of support …

Together we can help those in need. Therefore, it is worth thinking and acting!

We challenged all of our Essential Friends to join this Pink Wave!


Back in the 90s, in the United States of America, Pink October movement was born, in order to stimulate the active participation of the population in the control of breast cancer.

To promote awareness about the disease and share information about breast cancer, the date is celebrated every year, all over the world. During the month of October, the pink tone spreads a little everywhere, making the population aware of the prevention and early diagnosis of breast cancer.

This month, two events are marked: on October 15th, World Breast Health Day and on October 30th, the National Day to Fight Against Breast Cancer. Between the 15th and the 30th, the Portuguese League Against Cancer develops the “Pink Wave” movement.

Learn more about Pink October!