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The following privacy policy explains the treatment of data given when visiting How they are stored, the user rights and which safety measures are adopted for their protection.

ESSÊNCIA – COMUNICAÇÃO COMPLETA is responsible for the treatment of
information gathered, ensuring it is treated in light of EU Regulation No. 2016/679 from April 27, 2016.

By using this site (, you agree to the use we may make of personal information that might be submitted or gathered in accordance with the terms of this privacy policy.

Company’s identification

ESSÊNCIA – Comunicação Completa is based in Av. Dr. Francisco Sá Carneiro, nº100, Lot 9, Fraction B, 4445-102 city of Alfena, municipality of de Valongo e NCPI 509132774.

Telephone number: 220 963 285.



ESSÊNCIA – Comunicação Completa undertakes the compromise of respecting the law in place regarding personal data protection.

The user can access their data in line or, if preferred, by asking in writing; verify its veracity if needed, and, if necessary, correct it. For that, one has to contact

ESSÊNCIA – Comunicação Completa assumes, in addition, the responsibility of adopting all security measures necessary as a way to ensure the personal data protection of our users against any eventual abusive use or against non-authorized access.

By registering, the user undertakes the compromise of giving ESSÊNCIA – Comunicação Completa complete information, namely an email address, and of notifying ESSÊNCIA – Comunicação Completa in case this data suffers any change.


By providing personal information through the website, the user agrees and understands unequivocally the transfer, collection, and processing of that information in terms of this privacy policy.

ESSÊNCIA – Comunicação Completa informs that all websites linked to this are not included in this policy.

Collection of personal data and its end

The primary objectives for data collection have to do with managing user registration, managing product and service purchases, managing the interests and needs of users and clients, answering questions, managing situations related to requests, and sending information asked for through questionnaires or newsletters.

The personal data collected is as follows: name, birth date, phone number, TIN number, address, email address, IP address, and CV (Curriculum Vitae).

Sensitive information like race, ethnic origin, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, political ideology, and criminal records is not collected.

It is only possible to access certain areas of this website through user registration. The personal information gathered when registering is only for administrative and informational purposes.

The data collected will only be used if one of the following conditions is verified:

  • You gave consent by signing or accepting a digital or paper questionnaire.
  • the need to use the data gathered to fulfill a contract or any legal obligations;
  • Ensure the legitimate interests of ESSÊNCIA – Comunicação Completa, given that the interests, rights, liberties, and guarantees of the user are also assured.

Automatic information

The information contained in the registration includes the IP address, ISP (internet service provider), browser used to visit the website, visit time, and which pages were viewed.

Availability to support third parties

ESSÊNCIA – Comunicação Completa may need to ask for support from other entities or individuals to manage information requests, implement commercial activities, or fulfill website maintenance.

It can, therefore, give access to personal data gathered to third parties, always securing:

  • The ends of said collection
  • compliance with the terms of this privacy policy
  • The use of adequate security measures

ESSÊNCIA – Comunicação Completa might make users’ personal data public when answering to a judicial, intimidation, or investigation order from the government, as permitted by law. No data is given to third parties for their own marketing ends, and no marketing operations are held for third parties.

All data sharing is done according to the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulations and further legislation.


Collected data will be stored in a data center located on national territory and in the EU’s data centers. Personal information is stored for the necessary period to comply with the purposes for which its collection was necessary. All data is deleted according to data retention policies, with stipulated deadlines in current legislation, or until the user’s forgetfulness right is executed from the user side.


ESSÊNCIA – Comunicação Completa has implemented accepted patterns regarding technology and safety with the aim of protecting the loss, unauthorized use, or destruction of personal data.

Data safety is taken into consideration by taking the following:

  • Use of certified encryption in all website information
  • Implementation of an internal security policy that covers control access, configuration, storage, safety copies, support transmission, audit, technological update, and policy and authentication processes
  • Educating and compromising about confidentiality for every employee or subcontractor

Nevertheless, no transmission done via email or the internet is completely safe and mistake-free, so ESSÊNCIA – Comunicação Completa advises users to keep their access devices up-to-date and equipped with protection systems.

Exercising right

Anytime users consider it appropriate, they can exercise the following rights:

  • Ask for access to gathered personal data and its treatment processes.
  • Executing a data update
  • Ask for a data copy.
  • Retrieve consent for data collection.
  • Ask for the elimination, portability, or transformation of their personal data anonymously (given that they are no longer needed for the ends for which they were collected).
  • Stand against the use of collected data for marketing purposes.

All inquiries related to personal data usage, portability requests, access restrictions, and forgetfulness of data can be done through the email address

If users are unhappy with the usage done to their personal data or with the – Comunicação Completa answer, they have the right to present a complaint at the National Data Protection Commission (NDPC).

Address: Av. D. Carlos I, n. o. 134, 1o, 1200-651 Lisboa

Phone number: +351 213 928 400

Fax: +351 213 976 832


Adjustment and policy revision

ESSÊNCIA – COMUNICAÇÃO COMPLETA reserves the right to alter this policy without previous warning, so consultation is advised when visiting the website.

This privacy policy was revised in June 2020.

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