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Efornecedor has the ideal solutions for anyone looking for a product supplier and/or service provider, regardless of their size, location or business area.

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AdEPorto - Porto Energy Agency - is a private non-profit association with Public Utility, created on 1 March, 2007 at the initiative of the Municipality of Porto, with the support of the Intelligent Energy Europe Program, joined by a wide range of entities representing economic, scientific and social activity.

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Sindicato dos Trabalhadores do Sector Financeiro de Portugal is a class association made up of workers who carry out their professional activity in Credit Institutions and Financial Companies or similar. as the second largest Portuguese trade union.

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The Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra (IPC) is a public higher education institution established in 1979, located in the Centre Coast of Portugal, in what has been known for centuries as the ’city of students’.

It is one of the ten largest Portuguese higher education institutions, comprising six teaching facilities covering a range of fields of study: from agriculture and environment, education, communication, tourism, arts, management, and accounting and marketing, to health and engineering.

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ESPAÇO MUNICIPAL is part of an integrated development policy of the Municipality of Maia, and reflects the effort, commitment and enthusiasm that the Municipality of Maia has been dedicating in the last two decades to the housing sector, to the promotion of social cohesion, in its various aspects, affecting a very significant portion of global municipal investment in these areas.


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Zoomout, an agile, flexible audiovisual production company committed to generating value for your company through video content.


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Through the transfer of a wide range of knowledge for the benefit of Society, the mission of UC Business is to transform the University of Coimbra into an essential partner to the business fabric, carrying out joint projects with different business structures (start-ups, spin-offs, SMEs , large companies and associations), within the multiple areas of knowledge of the University of Coimbra.


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The company focuses its activity on the design, project, construction and assembly of industrial thermal equipment and installations.


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Located in one of the most important sub-regions of the Demarcated Region of White Wines, the sub-region of Monção and Melgalço, the Dona Paterna winery is located, specifically, in Portugal’s northernmost municipality (Melgaço), in Quinta da Carvalheira, right in the centre of Paderne parish. A region strongly influenced by the vine culture, namely Alvarinho variety, one of the most illustrious white wines variety and considered, by many, the best white wine variety grafted on Portuguese vineyards.


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Restrict was created by a group of friends who share a passion for wines.
Driven by a renowned winemaker, they decided to create, in 2006, wines with unusual characteristics, to provide moments of true tasting to those who, like them, share this passion.


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Foz Tua first arose from a passion for the Alto Douro wine region and culminated in the acquisition of a property in 2014. With about 4 hectares and immeasurable potential and resources, this beautiful property overlooking the Tua dam embraces the rich history of a very special terroir. The vineyard, planted over 30 years before, had reached a level of maturity that opened the doors to a dependable winegrowing operation, with highly concentrated grape berries and the distinctive characteristics of unique DOC Douro wines.

The “seeds” were sown, and with a burning desire to improve and innovate on the territory at the same time respecting tradition, Foz Tua began production on 17 July 2014, dedicating itself to studying and growing grapes of excellence in the Douro region, intended primarily for winemaking.

Foz Tua is a family company that pays tribute to its origin, the town of Foz do Tua, in Carrazeda de Ansiães (Bragança), styling its products with its namesake.


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Mangualde is located in the Central Region of Portugal, about 15km from Viseu and has an area of ​​220.72 km².

Mangualde, formerly Azurara da Beira, is an ancient land, with traces of the presence of man from the Neolithic period (Antas da Cunha Baixa and Padrões), passing through the period of Roman rule, sections of Roman Roads, Milestones, Aras and Ruins of Villae mark your presence.

Mangualde Castle was conquered from the Moors by Fernando Magno, King of León in 1058. The Counts D. Henrique and Dona Teresa granted it a charter in 1102. From the 18th century onwards. XVII with the foundation of Misericórdia and the institution of Feira and in the century. In the 19th century, with the opening of new communication routes, the old town experienced a high degree of development, recognized by the Assembly of the Republic in 1986, which elevated Mangualde to the status of city.

Its geographical location, situated at the crossroads of important communication routes (IP3 and A25) and the modernization of the Beira Alta Line, the main railway link to Europe, catapulted Mangualde to a great higher development, brought investment by new companies which in turn created new jobs and established populations.


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The AIMMP - Association of Industries of Wood and Furniture Portugal is a non - profit association, having as its object, in accordance with its Statute, " legally represent all the companies included in its membership level, including the conclusion of collective agreements in the defense and promotion of the defense of corporate rights and in vocational training actions.”

The AIMMP is the only business association in the national sector and with a perspective Row, representing all forest - based industries , except for pulp, paper and cork. According to its statutes, 5 sub-sectoral divisions are foreseen: cutting , slaughtering , sawing and wooden packaging ; Panels, wood products and biomass energy ; Carpentry and the like ; Furniture and the like ; Export, import and distribution of wood and derivatives.


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The National Union of Senior Technicians in the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Areas - STSS is a Union Association made up of all Senior Technicians in the Diagnostic and Therapeutic Areas (TSDT) affiliated with it. It covers the entire national territory.

Represents health professionals in the areas of diagnosis and therapy, who develop professional activities, regulated by Decree-Law No. 320/99, of 11 August, linked to health sciences and technologies, which work in the provision of health care , namely, hospital, public health, primary, continuous and palliative health care, in teaching, research and service management, among others.

The Union groups TSDT workers, their associates, and guarantees their affiliation without distinction of political opinions, philosophical conceptions, or religious beliefs. It carries out its activity with total independence from the Patronage, Government, Political Parties, Churches or any other groupings. STSS is the most representative union of TSDT. Its objective is the uncompromising defence of the rights of TSDT and professions within the scope and within the limits of their statutes.

Over the years, the STSS has been asserting itself as the most influential, credible and respected union representing the TSDT. The syndicalism that is intended to strive for proximity to its associates, building proposals and putting them to everyone's discussion and, with everyone, achieving the goals.


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When we talk about the further north, the association with the excellence Alvarinho that is produced there is inevitable, but the territory has more to offer. Did you know that Melgaço is the Most Radical Nature Destination in Portugal? Here we leave the invitation to discover this territory that is a good leisure destination, but also an excellent opportunity to invest.


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In the municipality further north of Portugal there is a space of choice for high competition internships. Several teams from Japan, Egypt, Australia, Spain and Portugal head north for their internships.


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Fernanda Oliveira & Andrade Silva | Essência | Comunicação Completa

Fernanda Oliveira & Andrade Silva

– Registered Company of the General Council of the Bar Association under no. 27/10
– NIPC 509 426 352
– Offices: 
* Rua António Pedro, number 58, 1st floor
1000 – 039 – Lisbon
* Largo Manuel Baltazar, Ed. Campo da Feira, number 210, 2nd floor,
4610 – 113 – Felgueiras
*Rua Antero de Quental number 747
4200 – 066 Porto



Fernanda Oliveira & Andrade Silva, a law firm based in Portugal, with offices in Lisbon, Porto and Felgueiras. For over 25 years, we have been practicing law with a particular commitment, and facing the specificity of each case. We assume the commitment to fully respect the requirements of the Law, always in defence and in the interests of clients, adding value through the issuance of our opinions.
Our profissional experience in law covers all legal areas (law of obligations, commercial law, family law, real rights, labour law);
Professional experience of over 25 years in the area of home and business credit – legal services with power of attorney with full powers for analysing contracts and executing deeds for several banks.


1) Scriptures:
– Shares by inheritance and divorce
– Buy and sell
– Donation;
– Exchange;
– Mutúo with mortgage;
– Confession of debt;
Division of common thing;

2) Commercial / companies
– Establishment of companies on the spot;
– Assignment of quotas;
– Change of headquarters, object, name, etc;
– Transformation of society;
Central Register of Effective Beneficiary;

3) One-stop shop:
– Signature recognition;
– Powers of Attorney;
– Authentication term;
– Authenticated copies;

4) Court:
– Injunctions;
– Executions;
– Evictions;
– Inventories;

Our motto is quality, specialization, commitment and proximity!

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Managers need to consult with the best in order to map the path to success.

Contarea specializes in supporting business management.

so you can focus on your business, and leave your accounts with Contarea.


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Associative Design (AD) is an AIMMP brand - Association of Wood and Furniture Portuguese Industries. It aims to promote design and national products.
AD's mission is to encourage the development of innovative Portuguese products and, with clear representation as a Portuguese product, to national companies and brands, which manifest the intention of international differentiation in the areas: innovation, design, technology. As a brand of excellence, AD supports, represents, and promotes companies that share this vision, taking its products to new markets and opportunities.


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When architecture is exercised as a rigorous practice in the qualification and organization of space and in the articulation of different work scales. From spatial planning to detailed planning, building, to the design of urban furniture and objects.


Ad quadratum arquitetos | Essência | Comunicação Completa | Estratégias de Comunicação
Ad quadratum arquitetos | Essência | Comunicação Completa | Estratégias de Comunicação
Ad quadratum arquitetos | Essência | Comunicação Completa | Estratégias de Comunicação
Ad quadratum arquitetos | Essência | Comunicação Completa | Estratégias de Comunicação
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Amigos da Montanha is a non-profit association. We promote sports, environmental and social activities. The association was made official on January 27, 1999 and has the Statute of Institution of Public Utility from 2008. Amigos da Montanha develops activities in various modalities, encouraging leisure sports in contact with nature.

The practiced modalities are Mountaineering, Trail, Hikes, Canoeing, Rafting, Paintball, Ori-BTT, MTB and Athletics. Moinhos Trail, Marathon 5 MTB Mountain, Barcelos Half Marathon, Rio Games, Galo Night Run, Corta Mato de Barcelos, Trail Amigos da Montanha are some of the events organized by this organization. We take part in various events of the championships and Cup of Guidance of Portugal.
The organization integrates competitive amateur teams in the modalities of Trail, Orienteering (amateur and training), Ori BTT, Athletics (amateur and training), Swimming (training) and Canoeing (training) being represented in the most important national events and in some international ones as well. Being conscious that through sport they will promote the training of individuals for an active society, Amigos da Montanha have stimulated training teams - these host sports for more than a hundred young people free of charge.

In the environmental aspect, the association acts regularly in the promotion of activities such as cleaning actions, awareness actions, and reforestation and collaborats with the BiodiverCidade project, promoting environmental education. In the area of solidarity, actions are carried out to support families in need, social inclusion actions and fundraising for social support institutions through registration fees for sports activities. Amigos da Montanha have in their facilities, in Barcelinhos - Barcelos, a Pilgrim Hostel dedicated, essentially, to the Camino de Santiago.


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