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The heat wave is here and it is our fault!

Yes, we are guilty. In a week, when a heat wave invades Europe, it is urgent to reflect to what extent each we are the ones to blame for this scourge. It seems a distant problem, not always valued in its magnitude. But it is worth reflecting… In the heat wave of 2003, more than 15 thousand people died, the result of an environmental mismanagement that was not possible to control. This record is now expected to be exceeded. Will we be indifferent?

We are in the midst of climate change and environmental crisis, pollution, deforestation, species endangerment, resource degradation and overpopulation and these are just some of the problems that affect the future. Problems that we, in everyday life, simply devalue. A badly closed faucet, a plastic bag lying in the undifferentiated garbage, a cut tree … An endless number of small gestures that in isolation seem so insignificant, so harmless, but that adopted globally threat the entire future of a planet.

The sustainability of future generations depends on everyone! That is indisputable! Citizens, companies, or institutions, we all have a fundamental role in creating agents of change. How? By enhancing and developing the critical sense and awareness of the consumer society. Changing small gestures in everyday life that will make the big behavioural change.

A great challenge then arises. How to change intrinsic attitudes and behaviours in organizations? What is the role of each one in promoting active citizenship? Is my strategy in line with the principles of Circular Economy? It is not always easy to understand what is wrong and how to change it… even though you are aware of the importance of doing so.

Creating environmental habits and values ​​must be constant, solid, and structured work. It should alert, discuss, raise awareness, and educate about these issues from pre-school education to the business sector. It is never too early, or too late, to start. Now is the time! More than a change in attitude, we challenge you to make a sustainable commitment.

Teresa Juncal Pires

Director of Comunication and Environmental education