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Mother’s day

Gostamos de assinalar o Dia da Mãe todos os dias.

Being a mother.

When I was a little girl, I was terrified of the idea of ​​my mother dying and, naively, I asked her to make me the promise that she would only die after I died! She returned the request to me with the usual: don’t say nonsense or God will punish you! I grew up wanting to die first than my mother, I couldn’t stand the idea of ​​losing her.

In 1997, I was a mother for the first time. When those eyes looked at me, still with the umbilical cord, the first feeling was fear, anguish. Will I be able to be a mother? Time quickly showed me that this question was going to become my “mantra”. Am I able to be a good mother? I still don’t know! What I do know today is that I was selfish in asking my mom to let me die first! After being a mother myself, I realized that we endure everything that can happen to us in life, we just do not survive the death of a child, because there is nothing more important to us than them. There is no love comparable to the love you have for a child. Yes, I already apologized to my mother!

Happy mother’s day. Isabel Martins

There is no greater love!

Someone said that a mother has the ability to hear silence and guess thoughts. It is true! My mother has this and many other gifts. She told me early in life that I would value the protective mother I had when I knew the power of motherhood. Well, she guessed the unconditional love that I would feel for my son. My heart started beating out of my body. How I understand it!

Happy Mother’s Day! Olga Cruz

Be life!

We are life, love

affection and gentle.

We are discipline and warmth,

We are rules and teachings.

We feel like no one

and we are someone’s greatest gift.

Long live the mother’s love

and the affection for a child,

everything in a very tight hug.

Happy Mother’s Day, Sofia

My mother

Warrior, fighter, father, stubborn, hardworking.

I remember that she always made sure that nothing was missing – that we always had something to eat, drink, to play. Her life made her understand that life is not easy, many stones in the path, but she always deviated from them. An inspiration, a teacher. She transmitted teachings in her way that today are reflected, for the good and for the bad.

Mothers can’t be chosen, and thankfully, I wouldn’t change mine.

Ricardo Martins

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I already wrote this once and after these years … it remains true!

I am not a conventional mother, but today I am certain that I do not want to be because if I was, it wouldn’t be me. We live of small moments, which, even if full of “imperfections”, for us become perfect because they are only ours.

Being a mother is like riding a carousel: adrenaline, emotion, fun. But also, that constant fear of not being sure. It is, above all, to love beyond what I thought possible. And how it is difficult, but wonderful at the same time.

We learn together every day. This has undoubtedly been the biggest challenge of my life.

Happy day to all mothers who multiply to divide.

Teresa Juncal Pires

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The comfort. The safe harbor.
She is boring. But so am I.
She is shy. But so am I.
She is strong. And I learned it from her.
I’m a piece of her and she’s a piece of me ❤

Sara Pereira

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