Let’s name our duo of friends!

Essência do Ambiente was created with the objective of providing a stage and voice to sustainable projects and practices, contributing to the awareness and behavioral change of children, young people and adults. And as we believe that it is by example that we contribute to this behavioral change, we create our mascot. The girl and her koala friend will help the younger ones to understand the challenges of the environment and sustainability, in an adventure that will make rethink the impact of our actions in the future of the Planet.

Our pair of friends, through environmental awareness and education, intends to be, thus, a contribution to the renewal of ideas, a link for behavioral change and integration of the different dimensions of nature. They symbolize sustainability as a whole – respect for the planet and the other.

We are all agents of change – citizens, companies, institutions – but only with the implementation of a collective effort we can e achieve a truly more sustainable future. Therefore, we challenge the educational community to enter this adventure with us and to name these new friends of ours.

Participation can be individual (student) or collective (class or group of students). Just fill in the form with your suggestions. The winning names will be awarded with a didactic game, per student, which will challenge them to think or respond to something related to sustainable themes. In this way, the correct habits will be compensated and the incorrect ones will be penalized.

We count on you to name the Essência do Ambiente mascot!


For more information: redacao@essenciadoambiente.pt

School Day of Nonviolence and Peace

Our duo of friends was presented on January 30th, the “School Day of Non-Violence and Peace”. A symbolic day that aims to alert students, teachers, parents, politicians and government officials to the need for an education for peace, which promotes values ​​such as respect, equality, tolerance, solidarity, cooperation and non-violence. For, in fact, this is for us the true meaning of SUSTAINABILITY – respect for the planet and for others.