Find out which SEO tools you should use to optimize your digital communication strategy

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the answer to the questions that Google’s algorithm asks web pages when looking for the best results.

These are questions like:

– How many keywords are used?

– Where do these keywords appear?

– How many links are embedded in the texts, both internal and external?

– Is there spam through the content?

Among many others

But how can we conquer the Google algorithm?

– Optimizing the brand website: knowledge, authority and trust

The more knowledge, authority and trust the page has, the more quality it will have in Google’s eyes

– Write content for people

Optimize pages for the BERT- algorithm that continuously learns about human language. It understands, like us, words, phrases and entire contents.

Keep organic accesses

Evaluate the search for keywords that have the highest click-through rate and are related to the brand. Long-tail keywords are an excellent choice.

– Technical SEO

Google’s main objective is to offer the best user experience, so it is essential that the site has technical quality, so that the user can easily and quickly find what they are looking for.

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