On the 4th of November, we are going to promote the 2nd Conference “Am I Really Green?”, part of the celebrations of Essência 13th anniversary and marking the two years of our Essência do Ambiente project – a news blog dedicated to the themes of the environment and of sustainability that gives a stage and voice to sustainable projects and practices.

Considering that we are all agents of change – citizens, companies, institutions – but that only with the implementation of a collective effort can we achieve a truly more sustainable future, this project’s mission is to raise awareness, through the dissemination of good deeds, and to show that Portugal is on the way to a Circular and Sustainable Economy, despite the fact that projects are often not known or properly highlighted by civil society. To this end, we disseminate good practices, raise awareness of environmental challenges, support education, support, through our sponsorship program, projects that make a difference and challenge reflection.

This year, the theme of the conference will be “The challenges and responses for an ecological transition in the horizon of 2030 (and 2050). A debate from the point of view of companies and territories”.

Free but mandatory registration!