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Opinion vs Information

Opinion vs information – ways to communicate

These two ways of communicating, opinion and information are still confused…

Communication professional knows (or should know) the differences between these two forms of communication, but today we are still confronted with journalists who express their opinion without identifying that we are dealing with an opinion article, selling it as news fact.

They have every right to express their ideas, values ​​and expectations, and society appreciates it, but they have the added responsibility and obligation to separate the waters well in the eyes of the reader, listener, or viewer.

It is true that we are influenced, consciously and unconsciously, in different ways, but a clear distinction between forms of communication is essential. In the eyes of readers aware of these realities, the intentional mixture of these two forms appears as a ‘punch’ in the stomach or an insult to their thinking.

Opinion vs information – ways to communicate

Sofia Monteiro

Deputy Director at Essência Completa

É certo que somos influenciados, consciente e inconscientemente, de diversas formas, mas é fundamental a distinção clara das formas de comunicação. Aos olhos de leitores cientes destas realidades, a mistura intencional destas duas formas surge como um ‘murro’ no estômago ou um insulto ao seu pensamento.