Elisabete Silva e Albino Carvalho


Our relationship with Essência has the strengh of several years of work and partnership.

Essência is a team of strong, dynamic and energetic women, who embrace each project with an almost ‘maternal’ attitude, as they dedicate themselves to each client as if they were unique.

Its professionalism is tis ‘essence’, it’s the root of this motivated team and always willing to face any challenge that may arise.

Vítor Poças

aimmp President

Essência Completa is the social designation of an aimmp supplier that also defines the level of competences, the robustness of capacities and the excellence of its services with enormous adherence.

Sara Fidalgo

Communication manager at U.Porto Inovação

We have been working with Essência for over four years. The speed of response and execution, fresh ideas, original and appealing design, but above all the friendliness and availability of employees, just make us want to continue. Many more joint projects to come!

Custódio Oliveira

Conselho Consultivo Essência

Essência is more than a business. With 10 years it is soul, project and action. Happy are the clients who trust their necessities and challenges to Essência’s team! In times of change Essência is permanent and it is women’s future. It is worth to see Essência as “coopetition” (cooperation and competition) because with it, we all learn and take a step forward.

Joaquim Lessa

Tipografia Lessa

We do not want to let this year go by without thanking you! Thank you for being excellent partners. Thank you for giving us such a great impression. We hope that Essência Completa can exchange great impressions with not only us but also with everyone for many years to come.

Ana Cristina Guilherme

Ms.BRANDS – Brandology Alchemist

Essência Completa is one of the most prestigious agencies in the communication area, especially for their absolute dedication along with the exemplar professionalism of their team! Today is the day of consulting boards and with a great honour, I am part of it because I deeply believe in this brand which will celebrate its 10th year of pure passion and purpose: give soul and life, create impact and potentiate the uniqueness of each brand by conquering reputation through history: the authenticity and essence in each brand. In a world full of noise, it is more and more vital to find the correct partners. Communicating nowadays is a lot more exigent and professional, it requires specialization and proactivity to make things happen.

José António Lopes

ad quadratum arquitetos

Ad Quadratum Arquitectos bears as a testimony of gratification and appreciation for the development and loyal collaboration that Essência Completa has offered us throughout the years that we have been collaborating together. The unquestionable competence of these professionals has always been united to their resilient nonconformist spirit, facing the adversities and challenges that have been in our way. Whether in terms of communication strategy, or synergies that together we were able to get through, we were able to provide more complete and qualified answers to our clients, usually, together. The competence and technical formation, both in the leadership and the team, provided clients of Essência Completa, a certainty of the correct and safe help in the challenges of their professionals and businessman, offering us a clear competitive advantage towards the market. In Essência Completa, Ad Quadratum, Arquitectos has recognized the compromised and accomplice partnership of those that we know, wear our same shoes.

Sandra Tentúgal e António Martins Pereira

Contarea – Gestão e Contabilidade

SANDRA TENTÚGAL E ANTÓNIO MARTINS PEREIRA CONTAREA-GESTÃO E CONTABILIDADE Passion. This is the strongest and most motivating element that the team of Essência Completa dedicates to the challenges that are presented to them. And when it is like that, the intentions proposed are easily exceeded, because only with passion you can show all the potential that a project deserves and needs. Which is what Essência Completa does. Everyday. It is contagious!!

Luis Cerdeira e Maria João Cerdeira

Quinta de Soalheiro

The acknowledgment, the effort, the persistence, the creativity, and loyalty are the essence that completes the way we transmit our passion and dedication to Soalheiro.

Esther Liska

Glow Woman Club

ESTHER LISKA GLOW WOMAN CLUB To trust our marketing and communication strategy to Essência Completa means for us a non-stop growing experience. The expectations are always exceeded, allowing us to focus on what is really important and the difference can be seen in the results!

Luís Vasconcellos

Administrador Somague Ambiente

Small, hard-working, available, trust worthy and charming team. In the end, the essence we need in our brand to complete our objectives.

Odete Costa

Presidente Movimento Lírio Azul

When talking about Essência Completa, I remember the words of French thinker Roland Barthes who said“ a professional talent is someone who adds 2 effort points, 3 talent points and 5 character points”. Since the foundation of Movimento Lírio Azul, in 2014, I have had the privilege to work with this talented and dynamic team. Not only are they exceptional professionals but also the service they give has a personal touch, naturally sympathetic and with a great sense of responsibility. I hope our partnership can successfully continue for many years to come!


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