Caretaker and responsible behaviour

Comportamento responsável e cuidador | Essência | Estratégias de Marketing

WITH YOU. WITH ALL! Responsible and caretaker behaviour. This is the motto we must have at this time.We have no weapons available to fight this virus! The power to care for those around us is in our hands.Responsible and pro-social behaviour is essential in all contexts of our life. Be the superhero of this collective […]

Enter the pink wave!

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Enter the Pink Wave. More than just establishing dates, it is important to do more for the causes they represent. Thus, this October, the month in which the “Pink October” is celebrated all over the world, Essência Completa acceded to a help request from a breast cancer victim who needs financial support. Protecting her identity, […]

Together we will clean Portugal

Juntos vamos limpar Portugal | Maia ambiente | Essência | Comunicação Completa | Estratégias de Comunicação

THE IMPORTANCE OF ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION Together we will clean Portugal. Certain of the importance of environmental awareness and education to promote sustainable attitudes, we partnered up with Maiambiente and the Maia City Council to mark the World Clean Up Day 2019. On September 21st, between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., it will hold a walk […]

2019 Social responsibility

Responsabilidade social 2019 | Essência | Comunicação Completa | Estratégias de Comunicação

Essencial social responsibility Because we respect our DNA, we celebrate the beginning of a new year with the signing of a new protocol with a lot of celebrations itself. Another protocol regarfing the social resposibility policy of our brand. We believe that home is the most important place in the world and therefore we associate […]

A hundred thousand euros invested in social responsability

Responsabilidade Social | Essência | Comunicação Completa | Estratégias de Comunicação

  Since its foundation in 2009, Essência Completa has taken on social responsibility as a mission. Therefore, this aspect is fundamental and is a daily practice in the company. In 2018, support for these projects represented 100,000€ and will continue to be one of the pillars of the company’s action. Through social responsibility projects, companies […]

Let’s colour in pink all the North side of the country!

Onda Rosa | Essência | Comunicação Completa

Let’s colour the country in pink! The movement known as Pink October was born in the United States, in the 1990s, to encourage the participation of the population in the control of breast cancer. The date is celebrated annually with the aim of promoting awareness about the disease and sharing information about breast cancer. All […]