Toast to the Essencial 10 years!

Essência | Comunicação Completa | Estratégias de Comunicação

10 ESSENTIAL YEARS! Toast to the essential 10 years. A journey guided by professionalism, commitment, passion, and social responsibility. Cycle # 10Year10Events ended with a cause that was also special. Thanks to all the essential friends who were with us and to all of those who, even though they were not present, purchased the “10 […]

An essentialy solidary christmas

Natal solidário | Essência | Comunicação Completa | Estratégias de Comunicação

A toast. A birthday. A solidarity acquisition with some SURPRISES. This is how we intend to celebrate our essential 10 years! We invite all Essential Friends to join us on December 7, at 5:30 pm, at the Maia Business Association. The solidarity entry in the event is made through the acquisition of the Notebook “10 […]

The renovated image marks the 10 years of Essência

Nova imagem da essencia | Essência | Comunicação Completa | Estratégias de Comunicação

The renovated image marks the 10 years of Essência. We mark the 10th anniversary, betting on the strength that the word “Essência” conquered, honouring the past. We associate a signature to the brand that characterizes our services and defines the positioning: “Comunicação Completa” – complete communication. The logo maintains the original matrix of the brand, […]

An essential treat

Essência | Estratégias de Marketing | mimo especial

What we hold most dear over these 10 years of life are the friendships we have built and the memories we share with each of our Essential Friends. This time, we share with you this essential treat that came to us through the (talented) hands of the visual artist Luís Canário Rocha. Luís surprised us […]

Uncode the way you communicate

Essência | Comunicação Completa | Estratégias de Comunicação

DO YOU KNOW HOW TO COMMUNICATE? On June 15th, Alexandre Monteiro, master in Deciphering People©, will challenge you to decipher the way he communicates. The lecture is part of the celebrations of our 10th Anniversary and will be held at TECMAIA – Maia Science and Technology Park, at 11 a.m. Registrations can be made through […]

Increase on productivity: A step towards success

Essência | Comunicação Completa | Estratégias de Comunicação

On April the 13th, we challenge our Essential Friends to participate in a lecture that will help with time and process management as well as increase productivity. The session “Increasing productivity: a step towards success” will take place in the auditorium of the Associação Empresarial da Maia, between 10 a.m. and 1 p.m., with registrations […]

Let’s discover Melgaço


Melgaço Alvarinho Trail On May 26, we will discover Melgaço by running with nature on the Melgaço Alvarinho Trail. The landscapes and the Alvarinho will be our inspiration – essential to complete the test. And your inspiration too! Hike, short trail, long trail or ultra-trail – join us! It will be a very special day […]